Datahat are a unique digital agency, trading platform and partner to multiple MCNs and publishers

Our key USP is our network of global MCN’s who work in tandem with us to deliver brand safe channels on Youtube and  incremental value previously not available to clients or agencies via our unique trading process and platform.

Our solutions are available to companies investing in media, including but not limited to agencies, trading desks, platforms, advertising networks, barter groups and media brokers.

25+ Billion

Premium Monthly Views



We are able to instantly target your desired audience

Youtube reserve (non–skippable), we’re only able to target geo, demo (age/gender), and device settings per your list. here’s what we can do:

+ geo: we can target from zipcode – country.

gender: basic female and male

age: any age range between 14-60

device: we can target mobile devices or desktop

+ since we can’t do affinity targeting via reserve, we can do a workaround by creating custom channel pack lists that have a similar affinity interest point. for example, target all beauty channels to reach users that have a  makeup affinity visiting these channels.

Brand Safety

Datahat MCN Brand Policy Vetting - All our MCN agreements are strictly prohibiting publishing of content that can be considered non-brand safe. Datahat audits that policy is in compliance with agreed terms and conditions.

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